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Judge Said What To Attorney?

judge.gifAs reported in The Star-Ledger,

The Advisory Committee on Judicial Misconduct charged that Superior Court Judge F. Michael Giles [Essex County, New Jersey] launched a tirade against Sebastian Bio when the attorney pressed him on a legal matter in 2006.

The tirade?

“I said get the [hell/fuck] out of my courtroom,” Giles is accused of saying. “What the [hell/fuck] don’t you understand? Shut the [hell/fuck] up and get the [hell/fuck] out of here. I have a meeting this afternoon.” [expletives reinserted].

What the (expletive)! So what’s next?

Under court rules, Giles has 20 days to answer the committee’s charges, after which the committee may convene a formal hearing on whether to recommend discipline to the Supreme Court.

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