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Want To Make It Easy For The Police To Bust You For Possession?


Unfortunately the method for virtually assuring that you’ll get your drugs is also the one that will likely get you busted. The method? Mail the drugs … to yourself! Per The Cairns Post [Australia]:

A man who posted himself an ounce of heroin has been sentenced to four years’ jail.

You mean the postal service screens packages? Newman!

But Malcolm Donald Murray was immediately released on parole after his court appearance yesterday.

The 54-year-old posted himself the drug from Sydney on March 3 this year.

But police intercepted the heroin, which had a $7000 street value.

Murray pleaded guilty in Cairns Supreme Court to possession of a dangerous drug.

The court heard that Murray was in rehabilitation and it was in his and the community’s best interest to keep attending, rather than spending time in jail.

Drug treatment [for a nonviolent offender] instead of jail? Hmmm.