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How About A Shot Of Weed Killer?


Here’s how Georgia Dr. Totada R. Shanthaveerappa promoted his “Integrated Medical Specialists” and “Integrated Chemotherapy Specialists” clinics, as reported in the Gwinnett Daily Post:

He advertised that his clinic practiced “safe and effective, nontoxic, scientifically-based alternative” medicine that could “cure or control most cancer and other chronic disease,” according to court documents.

Per the doctor’s lawyer, he admitted injecting 5 patients with DNP, a weed killer. But that’s not what he was busted for. It was health care fraud that did him in. Seems that when he submitted claims to insurance companies, he masked the drugs and treatments he actually provided. I wonder why … So what happened to Dr. Shanthaveerappa? His license was suspended back in 2005, and last week, he got 5 years probation (after already serving 400 days of home detention). That was for the insurance fraud. As for the weed killer injections – zippy. Apparently the authorities could not demonstrate that any harm came of it.