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Hmmm. What Should I Put In The “Memo” Line Of This Check I’m Writing To Pay My $5 Parking Ticket?

If you’re David Binner of Doylestown, PA, the answer is:

Go Fuck Yourself.

Who knew there was still a place that issues $5 parking tickets? Now David, did you really think that would just slide right through? It didn’t. The police chief deemed it obscene and charged David with disorderly conduct. So what happened? David apologized, and the charges were withdrawn. And what would have happened if the case went to trial? According to Keith Williams, David’s lawyer, they would have won. As reported in The Intelligencer:

Williams said there was a similar case elsewhere in Pennsylvania where a judge ruled that use of the F-word does not amount to disorderly conduct.

“The F-word isn’t what it used to be,” he said. “It doesn’t have a sexual connotation anymore.”

Williams explained: The word has to have a sexual connotation to be considered obscene, and it needs to be obscene to be considered disorderly conduct.



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