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Hey, What The Hell Are You Doing On My Cell Tower?


Now maybe you don’t have a cell phone tower in your back yard … But if you did, you ‘d probably be protective of it too, just like this fella in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. As reported by 4029tv.com:

Benton County officials said the man’s wife knew the crew of four people were working on the tower in his back yard, but did not tell him. When the man saw the crew, he believed they were trespassers and shot at them with a .22 rifle, police said.

Just another example of harm caused by a failure to communicate …

Police said he hit one man in the calf. The victim was recovering at Northwest Medical Center in Springdale with non-life-threatening injuries.

Non-life-threatening? I’m sure it hurt, but the dude got shot in the CALF, with a .22! Not exactly a powerful weapon, and the calf? Anyway, the charges?

Benton County officials said Dohle is charged with Second Degree Criminal Mischief and Second Degree Battery.

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