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Free Vacations At Disney World!


Not sure how The Juice missed this recent case. Three men figured out how to get free vacations at Walt Disney World, and did so, many times, FOR YEARS! Here’s how, as reported by wftv.com:

Investigators said three men outsmarted Walt Disney World security and took lavish, free vacations inside the parks for nearly four years.

Officials said Joseph Geiger, Robert Falk and Steven Nero allegedly racked up more than $15,000 in charges in just one month and never paid for any of them.

$15k in one month? Imagine how much they must have “spent” in four years. So how did they do it?

Investigators found that the men would book hotel rooms with one credit card and then put down a second, pre-paid debit card with only a $1 or $2 on it to cover any charges to the room. They would then go out in the parks, bill everything to the room and take off before the charges caught up and employees found out.

Officials said this was all done through a loophole in the park’s reservation system.

A truck-sized loophole. Guess how they were caught? They got greedy.

Last month, a cigar shop worker notified authorities after seeing the men spend hundreds of dollars there at a time.

Investigators said they received a call from security at Disney, which led to the arrest.

Two of the gents came in and confessed. Mr. Nero, though, is still out there, no doubt puffing away on some pricey cigars. Here’s the source.