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Facebook Used For What?


For service of court papers. For real. As reported by the BBC:

Mark McCormack, a lawyer in Canberra, persuaded a court to allow him to use the unusual method after other attempts to reach them failed.

The couple’s home is being repossessed after they reportedly missed payments on a loan of over A$100,000 ($67,000; £44,000).

Mr McCormack says he resorted to Facebook to trace the couple after unsuccessful attempts to contact them at their home address and via email, and they failed to attend a court appearance on 3 October.

Will the legal documents being served be posted on the couple’s Facebook wall (of shame)? Nope.

In granting permission to use the social networking site, the judge stipulated that the papers be sent via a private email so that other people visiting the page could not read their contents.

Not that they would have been too titillating, since the legal case is a foreclosure. Click here for the source.

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