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English Doctor – Who Repeatedly Failed English Exam – Back Practicing Medicine

doctor%20sp.jpg Not only did 64-year-old Dr. Suma Mondal repeatedly fail an English exam, as reported in This Is Lancashire.

She was under professional review by her peers since October 2001 as senior staff attempted to improve her levels of performance.

In January 2003, her colleagues became so concerned about progress that they reported her to the General Medical Counsel (“GMC”).

When her case was heard in May 2006 (quite a backlog, there!) the GMC required her to undergo a five-month assessment.

In September 2006, she was banned from practicing medicine for a year.

That year having passed, Dr. Mondal applied for reinstatement. Guess what? She got it! There are conditions, though. She must pass an English language test within 12 months, and must pass a GMC competency test too. Kind of makes you wonder about all of those patients she was seeing during the 3 1/2 year it took for the case to get to the GMC hearing.