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Dude Gets Tased – Trying To Enter His Own House! Through The Front Door!

No doubt the taser is effective in protecting police officers. It’s equally clear that it is way overused – when there is NO imminent threat to police officers. And I’m not just talking about this dude at the Kerry speech. Just go on YouTube and search “taser.”

Back to the latest victim – Shawn Manrose of Omaha, Nebraska. He came home drunk one night, without his keys. A neighbor saw him trying to get into the front door of his home, and called the police. Shawn says he told them it was his house, and that he wasn’t a burglar. He admits that he used profanity and would not take his hands out of his pockets. But does that mean he should have been juiced? Well he was, and then he was busted for obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. The verdict? Guilty! The sentence? Seven days in jail. Shawn is out on bail pending appeal.

This statement by prosecutor Marty Conboy highlights the misuse of tasers: “Unfortunately this young man, at his own house, if you look at it objectively, could have avoided a lot of this problem by complying with some simple requests of the officers.” Yes master. Whatever you say master. Here’s the question, Marty: Was the kid a threat to the officers? It sure doesn’t seem like it. It seems more like they were pissed off because he wouldn’t follow their orders, and because he cussed at them. So they tased him. It’s a bad road we’re going down.