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Definitely Not A Cat Lover


Why would one think that this young South Carolinian dislikes cats? Per The Post and Courier:

He admitted to killing eight cats — slitting the throats of six kittens and bashing in the skulls of two adult felines.

Brutal. Anything else?

In addition to eight counts of ill-treatment of animals, Campbell faced a harassment charge stemming from threatening telephone calls and profanity-laced e-mails directed at his ex-girlfriend, then 15.

Anything else? Well …

… the ex-girlfriend’s mother, enumerated the horrors her family had observed during nine months they knew Campbell: squirrels killed by the dozens, ducks driven over with a pickup, a cat killed with a shotgun.

The sentence?

After weighing both sides [you can read the entire article – and there’s a lot more – by clicking here], Circuit Judge Markley Dennis imposed a sentence not to exceed five years in the state’s Youthful Offender program on one ill-treatment charge. That included 90 days of boot-camp-style shock incarceration, followed by supervised monitoring.

On a second charge, Dennis handed down five more years of probation to take effect after the Youthful Offender program.

I’d say he got off pretty easy.

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