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Cook Put What Kind Of Hair In The Steak?

Chef%20angry%20mad%20cook%20south%20park.gif Pubes! “According to the [police] complaint, a second kitchen worker told police [the cook] put a slit in the steak and pushed something inside, then stated, “These are my pubes,” referring to pubic hair.” (The cook said they were facial hairs. Huh?)

Why would a cook do this? He was pissed that the customer said the first steak was “medium,” not “rare” per his order. What happened to Ryan Kropp, the cook?

Kropp, 24, of West Bend, was charged Wednesday with a felony of placing foreign objects in edibles, carrying up to 3 1/2 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. He was released on a signature bond.

Damn! A felony? Up to 3 1/2 years?

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