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Cheerleaders Can’t Wear School-Issued Cheering Uniforms In School?

cheerleader%20skirt%20short%20barbie%20mini.htm If you have eyes, you’ve no doubt noticed that skirts have gotten pretty short lately. Some schools, like Monroe High School in Ohio, are stemming the upward creep of the hemline by instituting dress codes. As reported by WLWT.com, skirts should be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. This is bad news for the school’s cheerleaders. The school has determined that the cheerleading uniforms they issued violate their dress code! So the cheerleaders can’t wear their uniforms on Fridays – game days – a tradition that goes back to … a long time, okay.

Here’s my solution – make an exception! And why is it okay for the cheerleaders to dress “inappropriately” at school rallies and sporting events?

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