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Boy Drops The “B” Bomb At School – Gets In A World Of Trouble


No, the “B” bomb this kid dropped wasn’t “bitch.” It was “bomb.” In this post-Columbine, post-9/11 world, that can cost you – big time. As reported by the Northwest Florida Daily News:

A 14-year-old boy was arrested Monday after telling his Walton Academy teacher that his phone battery was a bomb and then asking if the teacher “was ready.”

Brilliant! Certainly there will be no consequences…

He was charged with making a false report of an explosive device on school property, which is a felony. He was also charged with interfering with a school’s administrative functions, which is a misdemeanor.

A felony? Really? That’s just a gross overreaction to a disrespectful kid making a stupid comment that nobody could honestly take seriously.