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Beyond Road Rage


So this man and his son (the Estays) were cruising down an Idaho highway when they saw their car … being driven by someone else. They say they thought it was stolen. Nope. Turns out it was being repossessed (by the Lyles). A car chase ensued. Per kpvi.com:

When the cars pulled over, Estay admits to slashing the tires so it couldn’t get away. His son is said to have attacked Landon Lyle. Estay is said to have stabbed Amy Lyle, but today any actual “stabbing” was disputed. Estay says it was an accident when he was approached from behind while slashing the tires. And both parties today did agree the injury was more of a slight laceration.

The younger Estay got 5 days in jail and 2 days probation. His dad “will serve 20 days in jail, pay a $1,000 fine, go to anger management, and write a letter of apology.” But wait. There’s more – and it’s not good for Mr. Lyle.

Peter Estay today called himself a victim, and in many ways, he now is. Because after a bizarre twist of revenge two months ago, Landon Lyle was arrested for shooting his gun into Estay’s home, with Estay’s wife inside.

So while this two-year saga could’ve drawn to a close with Monday’s sentencing, it is still far from over. Lyle is now charged with second degree attempted murder.

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