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This Is Too Much, Even For Texas

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Apparently it still is the wild west in some parts of Texas. This goes way beyond standing your ground or protecting your home. As reported by khou.com:

It happened in the 14400 block of Cypress Meadows Drive [in Harris County, Texas]. Investigators said the man was home when three robbers kicked their way into his home. The homeowner grabbed his gun.

These folks picked the wrong door to kick in. Hell, they picked the wrong state.

The homeowner ran outside and shot [and killed] a 47-year-old woman through the window of a car.

In case you missed that, the would-be burglars were fleeing in a vehicle when the homeowner shot and killed one of them. Clearly that fleeing part is a minor detail.

“I totally defend his decision,” said neighbor Doreen Hodgson. “Homeowners are tired of working hard and people feeling you can just take what you worked hard for.”

Investigators said her two partners in crime, both males, escaped in a green Chevy pickup truck.

Fortunately for them, the homeowner didn’t have an AK, or there wouldn’t have been an escape.

Neighbors are hoping this incident will send criminals a stern message. “Think twice,” Hodgson said.

Here’s the source.

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