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An Embarrassment To Petty Thieves Everywhere


You would think that even a petty thief would be mindful of the the old adage about “going to the well once to often.” Not this guy. As reported by the Australian publication The Age:

A serial beer bandit who was caught after stealing beer on three separate occasions from the same house. Wendouree man Leigh John Parkes first stole beer and some loose change in January after seeing a carton of lager in an open garage. Parkes, 25, struck again two months later, lifting the roller-door and stealing 36 stubbies worth $50. Within weeks he was back, but when he found the roller-door locked, he forced open a window. He stole another carton of beer and some tools, worth $170. Parkes was jailed for six months.

The same house, 3 times within less than 3 months? Should get some extra time just for that …

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