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You Reject What You Admit Was A Good Plea Deal? Say What?

You, a former judge, enter into a plea deal.  Your lawyer says it is a good plea deal. Then you reject it because it might impact your pension? Check this out, as reported by The Phladelphia Enquirer: Former Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Willis W. Berry Jr. on Thursday rejected…


It Sure Looks Like This Pennsylvania Judge Is In A World Of Trouble.

If even some of these allegations prove to be true, run! As reported by Harrisburg District Judge Robert Jennings III squeezed financial kickbacks from constables for his election campaign, sat on citations filed against himself and associates and made inappropriate sexual comments to women, a state investigatory board said…


You’re Not Really Looking For The Sympathy Vote For This, Are You?

If something bad happens to a candidate, some voters will feel sympathy for him/her, and will vote accordingly. Nevertheless, it’s crass to play the play the sympathy card even in the event of something serious. But this? Not cool. As reported at (Burien, WA): Campaign signs for Des Moines…


Judge Has “Black Robe Disease”

So maybe you’re sitting up above the rest of the folks in the courtroom. But this stuff? Uh-uh. Nope. Fuhgeddaboutit. It’s totally unacceptable. As reported by The Houston Chronicle: “It was horrible,” Houston attorney Wesley Clements said about the alleged behavior of District Judge Lonnie Cox. “When he started yelling…


This Judge Was LUCKY To Get A Reprimand

It probably went something like this: “Don’t worry, honey. I’ll call my friend the Judge. You’ll be out in no time.” Or not, though the call was made to the Honorable James (“Jim”) Patrick Sharp, Jr., Justice on the First Court of Appeals in Houston, Harris County, Texas. Here’s what…