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Talk about pushing your luck. This is from the Colorado Springs Police Blotter:

Summary: Burglar alarm tripped at 7:25 PM at Dublin address, which is a medical marijuana dispensary. Access made by breaking front, glass door. Suspect gone upon officer arrival. At approximately 7:45 PM a burglary alarm was tripped at 300 W. Garden of the Gods Road, which is also a medical marijuana dispensary. Access was gained by breaking a glass door on the east side of the building. Suspect was gone upon officer arrival.

Keep it rolling, right?

At approximately 8:10 PM a third burglary (in progress) was reported via phone, at 5030 Boardwalk Dr, which is also a medical marijuana dispensary. When officers arrived on scene they found a suspect detained by victim and witness. Evidence found on the suspect linked him to all three burglaries. Adults Arrested: Gary Harrison, Age 45


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Yes, sir. They’re tackling the big problems in Victoria, Australia. Here are a few recently enacted laws:

In Bass Coast shire, families were shocked to learn they needed a $100 permit for children to camp in their own back yards.

Geelong residents can be fined for feeding ducks or throwing stones into a public lake.

In Whittlesea, garage sales can’t be advertised until the day of the sale and if the signs aren’t removed by the end of the day the seller would get a $234 fine for each sign.

Pigeon keeper Frank de Pasqvale said new times for exercising pigeons in Wyndham would make the birds easy targets for eagles. He said it also would be difficult for owners who had work and personal commitments during those hours.

Controversy surrounding the exercising of pigeons? Who knew. Here’s the source, The Herald Sun.

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The Juice won’t take all the credit. But … it has been reported that the South Carolina legislature is considering repealing an insane law requiring subversives to register with the state (and pay a $5 fee!) “… since bloggers picked up on it …” Here’s The Juice’s post on this fine law.

South Carolina legislators are looking to repeal a 1951 McCarthy-era law that requires anyone who plans to overthrow the government to register their activities.

Pickens Sen. Larry Martin said Monday the law meant to deter “Reds” has been one more thing making South Carolina look bad since bloggers picked up on it last month and incorrectly said it passed last year.

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Check this out, from The New Straits Times (Malaysia):

SEBERANG JAYA: A 35-year-old man involved in alleged khalwat (close proximity) found himself stuck on the roof of a house before he was arrested.

The man had earlier tried to evade a raid by the state Religious Affairs Department by jumping from an apartment unit in Jalan Tuna into an adjacent house at 3.30am on Thursday.

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doctor%20bad%20operating%20suspended.gif If you or I ever try to pull the shit that Tennessee doctor Robert E. Grindstaff admitted to doing, fuhgeddaboudit. While he was in the hospital, here’s what went down, per The Kingsport Times-News:

[from August 3 through September 8] unlicensed personnel at Grindstaff’s Pinecrest Family Practice in Johnson City treated 115 patients by evaluating and questioning them about their needs and calling in refills for prescriptions without consulting a physician.

… during those dates If the patient required a Schedule II controlled substance, a member of Grindstaff’s staff took a note to Grindstaff to have him sign the prescription without his review of the patient’s records.

During the same time period, Grindstaff’s office billed patients for nursing visits despite the fact the doctor was not in the office and there are no nurses or staff members at the practice “with any formal training or experience in any medically related field.”

doctor%20nurse%20syringe%20bad.gif Really serious shit, right? Apparently not. Dr. Grindstaff did not even have his medical license suspended!

The board placed Grindstaff’s license on probationary status for two years, during which he must complete an educational seminar on prescribing controlled drugs, a comprehensive physician assessment, and a clinical education program.

The board further ordered Grindstaff to pay up to $1,000 of the cost of the health department’s prosecution of his case.

Excuse me, but la-di-fucking-da! This punishment was imposed notwithstanding that …

According to the board, Grindstaff’s actions violated both state statutes and medical practice acts governing gross malpractice, unprofessional conduct, prescribing and dispensing drugs, and medical record keeping.

Is it just The Juice, or do you folks agree that, absent some incredible mitigating factors, this guy should have had his license revoked?

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Pasties were booked into evidence – for real. The Juice is confident you can see where this post is going. So, here are your choices: Starbucks, where the baristas are fully clothed, or Bikini Bottoms Espresso Stand, where the baristas wear bikinis and … pasties. Exactly. Looks like the folks in Pierce County, Washington are unlikely to have that choice anymore. As reported by The News Tribune:

Pierce County prosecutors on Tuesday filed a misdemeanor charge of unlawful public exposure against a bikini barista spotted last year serving coffee while wearing only pasties on her breasts.

It’s the first time Pierce County prosecutors have leveled such a charge since some area espresso stand owners began requiring their baristas to show skin in addition to making drinks.

In other Pierce County news, home sales suddenly plummeted… Also, it appears that Pierce County’s success in attracting new businesses to the County was fleeting. In fact, existing businesses are now relocating elsewhere …

[Deputy prosecutor] Benton said he charged [the barista] because her alleged conduct, if true, would constitute “a blantant violation” of the county ordinance banning public nudity.

Even if true, I have one word of advice: warning. Was it really necessary to arrest this 19-year-old? Who was the rat … er … concerned citizen?

A woman driving by the stand at 7919 176th St. E. on Oct. 7 called sheriff’s deputies after she spotted Lenn outside the stand. She was wearing a thong bikini bottom and no top, according to court records.

Curse you, woman!

A deputy dispatched to investigate the call found Lenn inside the stand making drinks, according to an arrest report. Lenn was topless but had X-shaped pasties covering her nipples, the report states.

[The barista] became angry when told she would be cited for indecent exposure and began to yell that baristas at other stands also wore pasties on the job, deputy Kevin Fries wrote in his report.

“I asked [her] if she was aware that it was illegal to wear the pasties in public,” Fries wrote. “She said no. [She] said that the female owner, Cheryl England, had told her and the other girls that it was OK to wear them.”

Having been duly warned …

[The barista] then went into the back of the stand, removed the pasties and put on a bikini top, Fries continued.

And, as noted above …

The deputy confiscated the pasties and booked them into the South Hill precinct property room as evidence, his report states.

Really? This is a good use of everyone’s time? Here’s hoping the pasties mysteriously disappear from the evidence room. Here’s the source.

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injustice%20inhumane%20unfair%20working%20conditions.jpg The Juice suggests that you think again. You are not a “manual scavenger.” As described by writer Sunil Kuksal:

The term ‘manual scavenging’ describes the daily work of manually cleaning and removing human feces from dry (non-flush) latrines across India. Workers, mostly women and young boys, are also referred to as ‘night soil workers’, a Victorian euphemism that hides the repugnance of the word ‘shit’… Using a broom, a tin plate and a drum, they clear and carry human excreta from public and private latrines, more often on their heads, to dumping grounds and disposal sites.

Did I mention that the Indian government passed a law banning the employment of manual scavengers in 1993? It doesn’t seem to matter, since, as Mr. Kuksal notes:

The practice is on in almost all states, including Bihar, Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir and even Delhi. The Indian railways is one of the largest employers of manual scavengers.

And in an affidavit, the railway admitted that it has about 30,000 open-discharge toilets [that need to be cleaned manually]. How many people do you think are doing this job in India? According to the Indian government, 343,000. Why would anyone do this job? Per Mr. Kuksal, it’s caste-based, and is forced on the dalits by caste pressure.

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socks%20lots%20bunch%20pile%20funny.jpg That’s probably what Mr. James Dowdy is thinking. Per the Belleville News-Democrat:

In 1993, Dowdy received a three-year-prison sentence for attempted burglary after police caught him with a bag of stolen socks.

Damn. Three years for that? But wait …

[In 1997] … Dowdy was sentenced to six-years in prison for breaking into another woman’s home and stealing socks…

Okay. This is surely the strangest life of crime I have ever seen. But wait …

In 2004, Dowdy, received a seven-year prison sentence after he pleaded guilty to walking into a female neighbor’s home and taking her socks.

And just recently …

Dowdy … was charged with residential burglary, a class X felony. He’s accused of stealing a pair of socks early Monday morning from a victim’s basement.

His bail? $100,000! All the socks out there can relax. Mr. Dowdy is in jail, as he was unable to post bail. If there’s not more to this story, then, damn!

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