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Your Getaway Car Has Vanity Plates?


It was not The Juice’s intention to focus on poorly executed crimes this week. Nevertheless, fresh on the heels of yesterday’s post, comes this story of a woman whose getaway car had vanity plates WITH HER NAME ON THEM. As reported by WMUR-TV:

Police said surveillance video show a woman wearing a ski mask and hooded sweatshirt robbing the store. Investigators said the robber approached a clerk who was stocking candy and said the pharmacy was being robbed.

Police said employees were on edge after the pharmacy was robbed two days earlier by two men with a shotgun, and workers thought the woman was armed, as well.

“The clerk saw an object in her hand,” said Capt. Gerald Lessard. “The clerk assumed she was armed with a handgun because of statements made by the woman.” Police said Usher was armed with a painter’s knife.

No doubt the perp thought it was all good as she drove away. But …

Police said a witness who saw the robber get into a car made a note of the license plate, “B USHER.”

Damn witnesses are everywhere! So what’s Ms. Usher’s defense?

In court, Usher said she doesn’t remember anything that happened that day. She said she was just released from a hospital and was on medication.