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You Really Think You’re The Right Person To Teach This Girl How To Drive?


It’s really not that hard to teach someone how to drive. Of course, there is the requirement that you, the teacher, be legally permitted to drive! As reported by timesonline.com (Beaver, PA):

Monaca police said [Bobbie Jo] Gacesa [age 36] was teaching a girl, whose age and identity were not released, how to drive in Gacesa’s minivan on Oct. 26, and as the girl approached Building 2 at Spring Run Apartments, her foot slipped off the brake and onto the gas pedal. The van jumped the curb and struck the building.

Police said the van damaged a metal railing, bent the door jamb at Apartment 207 and broke the building away from the foundation. No injuries were reported.

Doh! Well, even new driver’s with learner’s permits need … wait, what’s that?

Gacesa, who later admitted to police that she knew the teen did not have a valid driver’s permit or license, got behind the wheel and drove to Building 7 of the complex, where she lives. According to the police report, Gacesa made no effort to contact authorities about the accident, but a witness saw the incident and called police.

How was Ms. Gacesa caught?

Officers said they were able to follow a fresh trail of vehicle fluid right to Gacesa’s van. They said the vehicle’s engine still was warm, there was front-end damage and they could see fluids leaking.

Um. Er. Uh.

When officers checked the license plate on the minivan, they discovered it was registered to someone other than Gacesa. When they spoke with Gacesa, police said she admitted the license plate did not belong to her vehicle and that she does not have insurance.


Officers also discovered Gacesa’s license was expired and had been suspended as a result of a previous drunken-driving conviction. Her vehicle registration and inspection sticker also were expired, according to the police report.

Really sorry? The charges against Ms. Gacesa?

… being involved in an accident resulting in property damage, driving while under license suspension, driving without insurance, driving without registration, license plate fraud and driving without a valid inspection sticker.