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Would You Go To Court To Pay A Ticket With Cocaine On You?


It’s great that this dude went to the courthouse to pay a traffic ticket. But to go into the courthouse with cocaine, a syringe, and drug paraphernalia? And to have more goodies in your car? As reported by the Galveston County Daily News:

When the 30-year-old Santa Fe man pulled up to the court, which is next door to the police station, a Santa Fe police officer recognized him from a drug bust in February, Santa Fe Sgt. Eric Bruss said.


“The officer also knew (he) had a suspended driver’s license,” Bruss said.

The officer went into the courtroom to arrest the man and charge him with driving with a suspended license.

During a search after arresting the man, police said they found a syringe, a bag with less than a gram of cocaine and some drug paraphernalia, Bruss said.


A search of the man’s car uncovered a scale and materials often connected to drug sales and what police believe was a drug pipe.

Doh! The Juice does not know if they went to his house, but has some idea what they might find there. And if the above wasn’t bad enough …

Ryan Dan Wheeler, who is still facing methamphetamine possession charges from a bust three months ago, was charged with possession of a controlled substance and was being held in the county jail on $70,000 bond.

Does anyone else find it odd that this particular gent went to court to pay a traffic ticket?

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