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Whoa There, Congressman

Unless you’re a shut-in, at some point in your life, you’ve probably been frustrated over an airport baggage issue. It is unlikely, though, that you reacted as Congressman Bob Filner allegedly did at Dulles Airport a couple days ago. Per the airport police, Filner, an 8-term Congressman who is Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, allegedly

attempted to enter an area authorized for airline employees only, pushed aside the employee’s outstretched arm and refused to leave the area when asked by an airline employee.

Per United Airlines, the incident took place after Filner “experienced a delay in claiming his bag.” Because the employee took his complaint to a Loudoun County Magistrate, Filner must appear in court on October 2, 2007 to answer the assault and battery charges. And what does the Congressman have to say about the matter?

Congressman Bob Filner is on his way to Iraq, visiting our troops, and will have a full statement when he returns. Suffice it to say now, that the story that has appeared in the press is factually incorrect _ and the charges are ridiculous.

I’m guessing that, no matter what happened, nothing will happen.

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