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Where’s My Ear?

ear%20picture%20photograph%20photo%20one.jpg So Peter Lees had recently broken up with his girlfriend, Gaile Stevens. She didn’t take it well. Per the Ledbury Reporter, Mr. Lees was hosting a Pagan wedding party at his house when Ms. Stevens made an appearance. Per Mr. Lees:

She was dressed as a comedy cleaning woman with rubber gloves and a broom and there was the most bizarre stuff coming out of her mouth. She was pushing people around.

She was going around in a threatening manner. I’ve never known her act like this before.

Worried about Ms. Stevens, Mr. Lees went to see her.

“The person I saw was absolutely scary like she was possessed by the Devil. There was a tattoo on her face and she was up on the bed howling and hissing.”

“It was not her. It was not my friend. It was some possessed person.”

Cue the spooky music. Later that night (around midnight, of course), there was a knock on Mr. Lees’ door. Yes, it was Ms. Stevens. Was everything okay now?

She then beckoned [him] for an embrace …

And …

“I bent towards her. She spun and hooked her teeth into my ear. Two teeth went into my lobe and shredded it.”

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! What happened to the ear lobe? Said Mr. Lees:

The missing part of his ear was never found and [Ms. Stevens] ran off into the woods.

Ms. Stevens is currently on trial for wounding Mr. Lees

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