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Where Is That Damn Gong? (Not for the queen below, but for Chuck’s neighbor.)

Remember Chuck Barris from The Gong Show? What he wouldn’t give to be able to gong his Trump Plaza neighbor Dorothea Wietzner out of the building. According to Mr. Barris, here are some highlights:

Said Dorothea to Chuck: “What you need is your head cracked open. I’ll get you, just you wait … I’ll get you, you cockroach. You faggot. Your wife’s mother’s a slut.”

Per Chuck: “The first thing she ever said to me was this: ‘You better shut your door quietly or I’ll sue you… Her screaming has changed from just cursing and shouting to yelling vile obscenities and death threats.

She berated Chuck for marrying a non-Jew.


She accused Chuck of spying on her, and as evidence, cited the fact that they both use the same venereal disease doctor!


When asked if she threatened to slice off part of Chuck’s body, she answered: “I might have said that. You know, I’m honest, because I was in a state of paroxysms of hatred for this man who had copied ideas of mine from my telephone conversations. He used my doctor when I had herpes.

Zam! Chuck’s calls to the police resulted in 2 involuntary confinements for Dorothea (one for a day, one for a month). The Trump Plaza board of directors initiated eviction proceedings in 2003. Four years later, the case was dismissed – get this – because the board improperly served a “notice to cure” on Dorothea – in 2002. It was sent to a PO box, not to her apartment!

What now? The board has to start all over again! This time, though, if successful, Dorothea could be out by early 2009 – though I wouldn’t count on it!

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