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When You Want “411,” Make Very, Very Sure You Don’t Dial “”911” Like This Poor Retired Teacher Did!

I don’t think retired teacher Margaret Lieder (age 58) or her partner, lawyer Larry Pierce (age 60) will be dialing either 411 or 911 anytime soon. When Ms. Lieder accidentally dialed “911” and promptly hung up, the police called back. Even though she told them it was a mistake, they told her officers were being dispatched anyway.

When the police arrived, Ms. Lieder would not let them in, and again told them that everything was fine. When their guest left, three more police officers arrived. (Things must be good in British Columbia if this is all the police have to do!) Then things got really crazy. The police broke down the door and arrested both Ms. Lieder and Mr. Pierce. In the process Mr. Pierce suffered cracked ribs, among other injuries. These incredibly dangerous suspects (Margaret “Crazy Fingers” Lieder and Larry “Judo Lawyer” Pierce) were handcuffed and taken to the station. They were kept in jail overnight! When they were taken to court the next day, they were let go before they even got to a judge, without ever being charged! Well, I guess they had learned their lesson! (or the police realized they couldn’t come up with any charges!)

Now maybe the police will learn their lesson, as they have been sued for assault, battery, trespassing, false arrest, false imprisonment, illegal search and abuse of authority.

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