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When You “Assume” …

Many of you are too young to have watched “The Odd Couple” on tv. There’s a courtroom scene (see above) in which Felix is representing his buddy Oscar. Felix warns the court that, when you “assume,” you make an “ass” of “u” and “me.” That would apply in this case from Sweet Home, Oregon. Sweet Home resident Richard Bryan Smith has the misfortune of sharing his name – and birth date! – with a registered sex offender. Per the Albany Democrat-Herald,

… someone printed and distributed flyers from a California sex offender watch list bearing the picture and registration information for the offender named Smith. Below the printout information was a handwritten note with the Sweet Home Smith’s address and the message: “He has relocated … Right down our street!”

Neighbors Ray and Tracy Kelly admit making the flyer, but say they only gave it to one neighbor. Mr. Smith believes otherwise, and is suing Mr. and Mrs. Kelly for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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