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What’s In A Name?

Censorship%20fuck%20censor%20bad%20wrong%20stupid.gif If you ask a Los Alamos, New Mexico man named Variable, a lot. Variable wanted to change his name to Fuck Censorship. But Bernalillo County Judge Nan Nash refused his requested. So Variable appealed. The Court of Appeals … denied it. Why? Per WTOPnews.com:

The man has the right to call himself whatever he wants, unless there’s fraud or misrepresentation involved, the judges said.

But once he seeks court approval for a name change, the court has the authority to turn him down on several grounds, including if the name is offensive to common decency and good taste, the judges ruled.

You’re not going to believe what Variable’s old name was: Snaphappy Fishsuit Mokligon. You can read more here.

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