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Unfunny YouTube Leads To Arrest


What’s better than a confession? Maybe a video of the crime? As reported by winknews.com:

A video posted online showcasing a man hitting another with a “baseball punch” lands a suspect behind bars.

In it you can see one man viciously hitting another across the face while those around, both teenagers and adults, laugh and cheer.

“It was a total setup for the man. They set him up they put him online and they knocked him out,” said Patrick Cuervo, a witness to the attack.

So maybe he was knocked out first, and then put online. Not that it matters to the victim, Mr. Goff:

Goff suffered a fractured skull, damage to his ear, and a busted lip as a result and remains in the hospital.

As for the puncher…

… Investigators say the video is what led to the arrest, although they are still searching for more suspects. Christopher Gills, 20, was arrested for battery [and is in jail on $100,000 bond].

Check out the woman at 1:07, who now appears prophetic.