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They Did That To A Dog?

IKONc4db38efe129d15592feee99c7eb219e6f25e7345a.gifThese are 2 stone-cold dudes. Back in April 2004, Michael Lee Davis held a 17-year-old dog named Gizmo – like a football – and Chad Crawford kicked him. Gizmo died.

Crawford just went on trial. Do you think he was convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor? A misdemeanor! The crime he was convicted of – aggravated cruelty to an animal – is now a felony, but it wasn’t in 2004. Incredibly, on the charge of intentionally killing an animal (a felony), the jury was deadlocked! Crawford will be sentenced on November 30th. Davis will be tried at a later date. For a story about a stone-cold British cat-kicker, click here.

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