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The Worst Smelling Bathroom Ever


How can I be so sure? Because, in that bathroom, for several months, was the body of a deceased 90-year-old woman. Seems that Alan Bushey, the leader of a religious group called the Order of the Divine Will (6 members!) told member Tammy Lewis (yes, it was her bathroom), that Ms. Middlesworth (the deceased, and also a sect member) would rise from the dead. In the meantime, Ms. Lewis was cashing Ms. Middlesworth’s Social Security checks! And did I mention that her 12 and 15 year-old kids were living in the house with her?

So what happened to Ms. Lewis? She was facing all kinds of charges, including felonies, but will only have to serve 7 days in jail. Everyone agrees that she was under Mr. Bushey’s spell. I think he’ll be doing considerably more time. Click here to read more (a fair amount).

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