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The Worst Foster Mother EVER!

Ms. Eunice Spry may be the worst foster mother ever. Over the course of 20 years, here is some of the abuse she subjected three foster children to:

She forced sticks down their throats.

She starved the kids for a month, keeping them in a locked room, with no clothes.

She made them eat their own vomit, and rat droppings.

She beat them with metal bars and sticks.

She made them drink bleach.

She used sandpaper on one child’s face.

She force-fed one child so much “washing-up” liquid that he could differentiate brands by taste.

She forced one child to remain in a wheelchair for 4 years after a car crash just so she could collect more money from the government.

She held one child’s hand on a hot light bulb until it turned into a “gooey mess.”

And what did Ms. Spry have to say about this?

She said that she did not beat the children, but admitted that “as a last resort [she] would smack a child’s bottom.” I’m sure the Judge will show his appreciation for her candor when he sentences her next month. To read more about this, click here.