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The King Of Peeping Toms?


If the Guinness folks had a category for peeping toms, there is no doubt that this 46-year-old Canadian man would be in the book. (His name has not been released.) As reported at canada.com, he was arrested after “an apparent bungled break and enter.” His real purpose was soon revealed.

He was carrying a digital video camera and two tapes, which contained 23 instances of alleged voyeurism in the form of women photographed in secret, said Sgt. John Price, police spokesman.

Yes, 23 is a big number, but …

Later that day, officers searched the man’s home and found 16 additional tapes containing as much as 90 hours of footage.

Shazam! 90 hours! The good news:

“He’s been collecting material for his own use, it’s pretty unusual to see that,” said [criminology professor] Beauregard. “You would have thought you would collect such material to sell it to people or distribute it on the Internet… It looks to me like this guy is very into his own fantasies and he’s using all this material just to fulfill all his fantasies.”

Maybe that’s why the neighbors haven’t seen him in years … Here’s the link to the story.

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