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Sweet Fancy Moses! Tax Sale Over $1.63 Tax Bill

dollar%20bill%20ring.jpg Truth. The Atwoods owned their Louisiana home outright since 1968. It was tax exempt, but that changed. Only problem is, the couple’s address changed when a 911 system was put in place. So the $1.63 tax bill sent to them in 1996 was returned to the Sheriff’s Office, which put the house up for auction at a tax sale, and sold it for $1.63, plus 10 cents interest, and $125 in court costs. All this, despite the fact that the Atwoods are right there in the phone book!

handful%20coins.jpgThis all happens without the Atwoods even knowing about it! They had a $90,000 offer for the house in 2002, but couldn’t sell it because of litigation surrounding the tax sale. (The Atwoods are trying to get it nullified.) Then Katrina hit, causing serious damage to the house. Well, the Atwoods won at the trial level, and on appeal, but the case is being appealed to the Louisiana Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Ms. Atwood lives in a FEMA trailer in front of the house, while her 71-year-old husband, who is on a respirator, lives with relatives. They didn’t have insurance, and don’t qualify for programs to fix the house because they don’t have clear title. $1.63!!! If you want to read more, click here.

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