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Student Calls Principal Fucker+, And Gets Charged With A Misdemeanor. Lawyer Says Law Is Unconstitutional, And Traces Origins And Usage Of “Fuck”

Suspected of smoking in the boys room, you are escorted to the principal’s office. Tactically, it’s probably not smart to call the principal a “fucker, a fag, and a fucking fag.” That’s what Mr. L was alleged to have done. And the punishment? Suspension? Expulsion, maybe for a repeat offender? No, young Mr. L was charged with a crime – “Interference with Staff, Faculty or Students of Educational Institutions” – a class three misdemeanor!

His public defender, Eric Vanatta, after asking his client “what the fuck he was thinking” [okay, I added that part], decided to attack the constitutionality of the law, arguing that it violates his client’s right to free speech under both the United States and Colorado Constitutions. He does so by tracing the origin of the word, and discussing, in a hilarious way, how pervasive the word is in our culture. No fucking way (cuff me) I can do this justice. So here it is, the entire Motion to Dismiss the Constitutionality of Fuck, “Fucker” and “Fucking Fag”
from Colorado v. C.L., a Child (Dist. Ct. of Larimer County, Co.)

Thanks to Cindy Hill for submitting this Motion to Legal Juice!