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So, How’s That Cult Going?


Hey, it’s not so easy to start a cult. Just ask Tennessee resident Jonathan “The Impaler” Sharkey. As reported by News Channel 9:

He called himself “The Impaler”. He claimed to be a vampire. Now, Jonathan Sharkey can call himself an inmate.

Sharkey wanted to start up a commune in rural Grundy County. Now, Sharkey is headed to jail after pleading guilty to threatening to torture and kill a judge in Indianapolis. Sharkey who calls himself “the Impaler” will spend more than two years in jail for making those threats. Prosecutors say Sharkey threatened to beat, torture, impale and decapitate Judge David Certo, who is presiding over another case involving Sharkey. Last October, Sharkey spent time in a Grundy County jail on outstanding warrants from Minnesota.

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