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Snap! Lookout Judge. Here Comes Mr. Young


Defendant Bruce Young (who was awaiting trial on federal drug charges) was pissed – twice! (blank-sucking little blank?). But he was not in court on the drug charges when the outbursts occurred. He was there on charges of attempted escape and conspiracy to commit escape. Per the court, “during proceedings conducted in open court on December 18, 2000, and July 20, 2001, the Defendant went berserk, to put it quite mildly… During the in-court proceeding conducted on December 18, 2000, the Court, counsel and the Defendant were discussing a trial date for [the escape charges] prosecution… When the Court asked Government’s counsel about her availability for a possible trial in February, 2001, she responded that she had inadvertently left her calendar at home… At that point the Defendant went berserk:

Defendant: This is wrong, your Honor. This is wrong. This is wrong.

Court: Mr. Young?

Defendant: This is wrong. It’s bull shit too.

Court: All right. Mr. Young, you have just earned yourself an extra six months.

Defendant: I’ve got 52 fucking years coming man. I mean, what does another fucking day mean?

Court: Get this man out of here, immediately.

Defendant: The bitch has me pinned in a five-by-seven box for nine fucking months. This is bull shit.

Court: We are in recess.

Defendant: Hateful bitch.

Courtroom Deputy Clerk: All rise.

Defendant: Fuck this court. Fuck this court. Fuck you and I won’t be back, you bitch. You’re playing goddamn games.

Marshal: Calm down.

Defendant: Fuck the constitution, you assholes. Fucking wipe on a mother fucker. That’s what you can use it for — (Defendant continued screaming “F” word comments as leaving courtroom and into the hall).

Okay, that didn’t go so well. “[Seven months later] on July 17, 2001, the Court engaged in a colloquy with the Defendant, required by Faretta v. California …, and permitted him to represent himself, despite his outrageous behavior during the proceedings of the previous December 18th… The Court explained that it did not want the Defendant to have the discovery materials in the jail, where he has been incarcerated prior to trial, lest those materials become circulated throughout the jail and compromise pending prosecutions.” Oh shizzle – give him the discovery materials. Here it comes.

Defendant: Your Honor, can I go back to the jail? I am about to have an anxiety attack. I can’t go on with this shit. Have the marshals take me back before I do something stupid. I’m being nice. Can I please go back.

Court: Well, I appreciate the advance warning.

Defendant: I’m telling, your Honor, I know myself.

Court: Marshals, if you would.

Defendant: I know myself. This is crazy. I can’t have my fucking discovery packet. What kind of shit is that? Shit. God. You mother fuckers.

Court: Once again Mr. Young–

Defendant: You fucked-up asshole. You Jew bitch and bastard.

Court: You’ve earned yourself another six months.

Defendant: Fuck you. Kiss my dick. I’m not going to have my discovery packet. You’ve got me fucking bent, you bitch, mother fucker. Kiss my ass. You too, Chema. You dick sucking little faggot.

So what happened to Mr. Young?

Not only was he found to have committed criminal contempt twice, his right to represent himself was revoked, and he was sent to “a federal medical center for the purpose of a thorough psychiatric and/or psychological examination … in order to determine whether he is presently competent to stand trial.” He was found to be competent to stand trial. He pled guilty to the federal drug charges, and was convicted on both escape charges (which he appealed, and lost). The cases are U.S. v. Young, 199 F. Supp. 2d 697 (S.D. Oh. 2001), and U.S. v. Young, 146 Fed. Appx. 824 (6th Cir. 2005).