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Seven Lesbians, A Man, some DVDs …

No, unfortunately for movie audio-video engineer and independent filmmaker Dwayne Buckle, it didn’t go down like that. Buckle was selling his DVDs on a New York City sidewalk, when things went really, really bad. Here’s Buckle’s version:

As a group of women walked by, he spoke to one of them because he found her attractive.

A heavyset woman in the group said something rude.”She started dogging me out, being loud and disrespectful. I think I called her an elephant [a common epithet on the streets of NYC – “you, you elephant!”] and told her I wasn’t talking to her.”

Per a police source, one of the women said “She’s my girl, and no one hits on my girl!” Buckle said they trashed his looks and his clothes, and one of them spit on him. The seven women surrounded him and attacked him and whipped him with belts.

Afterward, he began picking up his tapes, when he was attacked again. Per the Assistant District Attorney, a surveillance video shows that Patreese Johnson pulled a steak knife from her purse and stabbed Buckle with it.

Buckle was in the hospital for 5 days, and had surgery on his liver and stomach. Seven women were arrested and charged with assault, while Johnson was also charged with attempted murder.

What do the ladies say happened?

“Buckle called us [homophobic slur] (I’m guessing it was “dykes.” I HATE it when the media self-censors! Could it be anything we (or our kids) haven’t heard? If Comedy Central didn’t bleep John Stewart saying “fuck,” would worlds collide?) and said he was going to f— [fete? farg?] us all.”

“He spit on us and threw a cigarette. This is a hate crime.”

Of the knife, Johnson says she used it in self defense!

Have you ever heard of a case where BOTH the victim and the perpetrator allege that a hate crime has been committed against them? You have now. Buckle claims that this was “a hate crime against a straight man.” And what happened to the 7 ladies? Three pleaded guilty and received 6 months in jail. The other 4 are currently on trial.

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