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Sealing Your Love With A Glass Of Blood – On Valentine’s Day!

red_blood_cells.jpg It’s Valentine’s Day, and your girlfriend wants to tie you up. What the hell, you figure, and you agree. If your girlfriend is Tiffany Sutton, you have just made a huge mistake, as Robert McDaniel learned – the hard, bloody way. No worries for her, though, because she had him sign a release beforehand! Brilliant! It probably didn’t help that they had both smoked meth and consumed a 6-pack of beer, and 1/2 a bottle of whiskey.

Back to the blood. After tying him up, she cut his leg, and [ouch!] stabbed him in the back, neck, abdomen and … through his arm! Then, as reported in The Arizona Republic, she drank some of his blood. When McDaniel escaped, Sutton chased him with a pickax. Then he passed out.

What happened to McDaniel and Sutton? He was okay. She got busted. And what did she have to say to the court? “I’m sorry for everything. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody.” Really? Was that the pickax of love you were carrying?