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Prison For Search Engine Results?


You may recall that, for several years, a google search of “miserable failure” brought up, as the first result, Bush’s White House biography! (Google has since fixed this “problem.”) Now, imagine that the pranksters were in Poland, and the target was the Polish President. Not so good for the prankster. Check this out, from Polskie Radio:

An unusual trial begins at a court in Bielsko Biała, southern Poland. A 24-year old man is accused of offending the president on the Internet. The man created a web positioning program, which linked the official webpage of the President of Poland to one extremely vulgar word. The webpage appeared first on the list of results after typing the obscenity in a search engine.

The police tracked down the man, who was using his own computer. He admitted to the charges. Now he faces up to three years of prison.

Wow. Not so much fun being a Polish prankster.

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