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Perhaps This Man Is In The Wrong Line Of Work …

Perhaps Barry Accordi was an excellent police officer. It’s quite clear, though, that he’s really not cut out to be a “Humane Officer,” which is the job he took after retiring as a sergeant. As reported by wkyc.com:

The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wants Humane Officer Barry Accorti fired for allegedly shooting five kittens in a home’s back yard on Monday.

Say what?

Accorti retired as a sergeant with the North Ridgeville Police Department a few years ago and was hired as a part-time humane officer with the department.

Apparently everything was going okay until …

Accorti responded to a home Monday afternoon where a feral mother cat and her five kittens were living in a woodpile.

He allegedly told the homeowner that shelters were full and that the cats would be going to kitty heaven. He then pulled out his gun and shot to death the five, 8- to 10-week-old kittens.

The Juice has no words for that.

Accorti allegedly told the homeowner that he isn’t supposed to do this, but it was justifiable. The woman ran into the house to shield her children who were screaming and crying.

Shazam! The fallout from this is still occurring. You can read more (A LOT) here.