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Wait, So You’re Telling Me That ATMs Have Cameras?


It was widely believed that EVERYONE knew ATMs have cameras. Perhaps now, with the arrest of this man, that is indeed the case. As seen at thebrooklynpaper.com:

A man was arrested for attempting to steal money from the same automated teller machine on Bedford Avenue four times between April 4 and May 2 by sticking pliers up the money slot.

Four times! With pliers!

The owner of the building between N. Fourth and N. Fifth streets gave police surveillance video that shows the 31-year-old man trying to get money out of the machine at 2 pm on April 4, 7 pm on April 4, at noon on April 9, and at 2:38 pm on May 2. Each time, he damaged the machine.

The determined suspect was charged with several counts of attempted grand larceny, criminal mischief, possession of burglar’s tools, and attempted petit larceny.

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