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Man F-bombed Judge And …

f-bomb%20fuck%20bomb.jpg… walked right out of the courthouse, a free man. This is the same man who is being investigated for e-mailing death threats to [former] President Bush. Michael Dahlquist was in court in New York regarding some threatening letters he sent a woman in 2004. He had pleaded guilty, and served some time, but was in court for violating his probation.

So Judge David Howard had been talking for less than a minute, when, as reported in the Rutland Herald, Mr. Dahlquist interrupted him:

“And the numerous occasions where the court has repeatedly violated my constitutional rights,” Dahlquist said.

When Judge Howard warned him that he could be tossed, let’s just say Mr. Dahlquist did not take heed:

Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit. You’re obligated by law to uphold my legal rights. Fuck you.

And then Judge Howard tossed him from the courtroom.

“While he is obviously very angry at times and believes the court is holding him illegally, that does not prove psychosis. Since two judges have disagreed about his condition and the need for hospitalization and several psychiatrists disagree as to his conditions and needs, it is hard to hold as delusional that the defendant is upset and feels he should be released,” Howard wrote.

Judge Howard then determined that Mr. Dahlquist had served all his time. So he left the courthouse a free man.

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