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So You’re Saying This Started Over Grass Clippings?


Yes, a real fight, with weapons, began with some grass clippings. As reported by The Review (East Liverpool, Ohio):

Two men were charged with felonious assault Sunday after they got into an argument over grass clippings that evolved into a fight with a machete and a club.

Whoa there, fellas.

City police charged Raymond C. Link, 63, Anderson Boulevard, and Collin Neal, 82, South Park Circle after officers were called to Anderson Boulevard Sunday afternoon for a report of a machete attack.

There, they were advised by Link that he had had trouble with his neighbor, Neal, over grass clippings blowing into Link’s property.

So your neighbor is responsible for the wind?

Link said when he confronted Neal, he was assaulted with a wooden club, with Neal hitting him in the head.


Link then armed himself with a machete and injured Neal’s left hand, according to reports.

Neal then got his AK-47 … (kidding)

Neal told officers he was trying to remove the clippings when Link struck him with the machete, so he went and got the club, but he denied striking his neighbor.

Think this is over? Unlikely. Here’s the source.