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A Doctor Without Boundaries …

Doctor%20cartoon%20bad%20funny%20silly%20good.jpgAs reported by The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, here is the story of Dr. John Geoffrey Limbert of Victoria, British Columbia:

This family physician cared for a female patient for five years during which time she had two pregnancies. Subsequently, he established himself as a full-time sex therapist [I think you can guess where this is going] and she sought his professional advice. During this therapy he began to embrace her for progressively long periods of time. He advised her against having sexual relations with her husband and the marital relationship deteriorated considerably.

On one occasion during a pelvic examination he made inappropriate sexual remarks about her pelvic anatomy and breasts.

Later, they became involved in inappropriate activity related to the act of urination, which they called “water sports”, which was repeated up to three times weekly. The patient fell in love with the doctor. Ultimately the interaction was discovered by the doctor’s wife.

Then what?

The doctor apologized to the patient for his inappropriate behaviour, entered into therapy and consented to his therapist reporting his behaviour to the College.

So what happened to Dr. Limbert?

[He] was charged with professional misconduct for having engaged in sexual impropriety with a patient (among other things). He pleaded guilty to professional misconduct but not to incompetence.

The Committee had no difficulty in accepting the plea of guilty and revoked the physician’s licence. Upon receiving the doctor’s undertaking not to appeal the decision, there was no need to consider the allegation of incompetence…

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