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Tell Me You Did Not Throw Your Wife’s Beer Away!


You come between this lady and her beer, YOU WILL PAY. And it doesn’t matter if you’re her husband. As reported by TCPalm.com:

The husband on Dec. 9 showed Fort Pierce police a cellphone video of his wife, Tricia Renee Habeb, searching for beer in the refrigerator.

“The suspect became irate at the fact the victim put her beer in the garbage can,” an affidavit states.

Oh yeah? Keep that up, and I’ll call the cops!

The husband was heard saying that he’d called police, and Habeb hit her spouse in the face area.


The husband said Habeb came home drunk, and was looking for more beer but couldn’t find it. He said he disposed of the beer and that he wouldn’t give her the car keys because she was intoxicated.

Sounds like a good man. Surely even a drunk woman would appreciate this show of concern?

That, he said, is when Habeb got incensed and chomped him on the arm and neck.

Ouchee! How does she say it went down?

Habeb said her husband held her against her will and that he punched her in the mouth.

Applying the smell test …

Police saw little, if any, injury to her.

So …

Habeb [age 35], of the 1400 block of North Lawnwood Circle in Fort Pierce, was arrested on charges including battery and resist officer without violence.