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Oh No You Didn’t Show Up At The Courthouse In That


I’ll give you a hint. Tony Van, of San Francisco, California, went to court to find out what the jury decided in his auto theft case. Here’s another hint, he didn’t take the streetcar to court. (Please, no e-mails if it doesn’t go to the courthouse.) His transportation to court: a stolen Lexus SUV! Here’s how the police discovered this, per the Marin Independent Journal:

While Van was in the courthouse awaiting the verdict, two Civic Center employees on a break noticed some loose Yorkies around a Lexus in the parking lot. As they gathered up the dogs, several puppies were found unattended inside the Lexus on the sweltering day. Authorities suspect some of the dogs jumped out a window.

Sheriff’s deputies were summoned and discovered that the 2005 Lexus had been reported stolen. Then Van came out to the vehicle, with the keys in his possession, authorities said.

Van was arrested, again. And the trial he was there for didn’t turn out so well either.

Van’s jury returned and convicted him in the case of the stolen [$125,000] Porsche [Carrera]. Sentencing is pending.

Doh! Here’s the source.

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