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Not Your Average Criminal

wizard.png His name: Robert Brett-Deans. But, when asked by the judge to confirm his name, Brett-Deans replied:

Hang on, I have had a name change. I said this the last time we was here. For future reference, I have changed my name to The Jason.

What did The Jason do? He’s been charged with one count of conspiring to commit false imprisonment and two counts of possessing the proceeds of crime. Although The Jason has no fixed address, police found £500,000 ($1,000,000 US) in cash, along with sledgehammers, balaclavas, superglue, rope and batteries. And where did the money come from? Wizardry, probably. Here’s what The Jason told the Court:

I’m serious about everything I do. I am also a wizard of the Round Table and I am a master manipulator. In other words, I can do magic.

There will be no white flag going up on my ship and I will also help you all so I can put your minds at rest. I’m not playing games with you all. I do not play games.

In mythical terms, be careful in everything that you might do because you might just find yourselves opening Pandora’s box and, as you might know, the only thing left in the box was hope.

To the police detectives, The Jason said “I wish you good luck because you will need it.” So is he fit to stand trial? Yes, according to a psychiatric report. Is he a wizard? If so, he’s not a very good one, since he was returned to jail pending his trial.

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