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Not The Best Time To Be Calling 911 …


So the Largo, Florida police respond to a call about a problem at a bar, and they find Dana Shelton. But there’s no problem, and they tell Shelton to move along. Unless you are completely plastered, you realize this is a good thing. Not Shelton. He called 911 – the Largo police – to report that he was “surrounded by Largo police.” A definite head-scratcher. Said Largo Sgt. Melanie Holley:

Our officers were standing there scratching their heads. He called, standing there in their presence. It’s one of our ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ cases.

Just like I said, an official “head-scratcher.” Shelton got hit with misuse of 911, a misdemeanor. Thanks to Mr. Shelton for providing today’s Juice!

The Juice thanks Cindy Hill for submitting this story.

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