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Not James Bond

This is the case of an unbelievable prick, and an incredibly vulnerable, naive victim. Scotland resident John Irvine, a 63-year-old married man, is a retired car mechanic. He managed to convince a 38-year-old Portuguese woman, through 50 e-mails that he translated into Portuguese on the internet, that he was an agent for the English Secret Police. He then convinced her that her family in Portugal would be killed if she didn’t follow the orders in the e-mails – to engage in sex acts with Irvine. He also told her, through the e-mails, that she would be killed if she tried to leave Scotland.

She considered suicide, but instead went to the police, who charged Irvine with multiple counts of rape. His defense? It was a game, and she knew it. Irvine pleaded guilty to repeated indecent assault. He will be sentenced next month.

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