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Not A Kid You Would Want As A Neighbor …


So if you’re a neighbor of 15-year-old Ryan Bowen, you could always move. (One poor family did.) But what do you have to do to get the court to issue an ASBO (Anti-Social Behavior Order) against you? And to take the unusual step of naming you? (The ASBO imposes a curfew, prevents Ryan from associating with certain people, and imposes other restrictions on his behavior.) As reported in The Herald Express, here are some of the allegations the court heard before imposing the ASBO:

Police legal adviser Mr Quinn told the court that Ryan was a ‘complete thug – and that’s putting it mildly’. He added: “He may not yet be 16 years, but in his short life he has terrorised the people of Teignmouth and the surrounding area. He seems to have no redeeming features.

He targeted vulnerable neighbours, subjecting them to obscene and racial abuse, threatening their children and attacking their cars and homes.

Ryan went to one woman neighbour’s workplace and subjected her to an abusive attack there.

Ryan fired a BB gun at people, pushed used condoms through their doors, walked over their cars, and jumped up and down on them.

One family had finally moved because they could no longer take the abuse and intimidation meted out by Ryan and his friends – only to be subjected to more abuse when they ran into the teenager in a Tesco store. “He was not satisfied to drive them out of their home. He still approached them and abused them,” said PC Colley.

Ryan would ride a mini motorbike around the area until 11.30pm and midnight – kicking out at parked cars as he went.

Hoochiemama. It’s no wonder that “Devon and Cornwall Police’s legal adviser Peter Quinn told magistrates …: ‘Police and the authorities have become increasingly aware of what a force for evil this boy is.'”

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